Ancillary Benefits

Employers can enhance their employee benefit package by offering a selection of Voluntary and/or Employer paid Ancillary Benefits. These benefits include Dental, Life, Short and/or Long Term Disability, Vision, and Prepaid Legal Services.

We suggest employers' consider utilizing Section125 with a Flexible Spending Account through one of our Third Party Administrators (TPA). Click here to learn more.

Employers offering these plans help attract and retain valuable employees. In most cases the employer has the option to offer these plans as an Employer paid benefit or Voluntary employee benefit option where the employee is responsible of 100% of the premium, with no cost to the employer .

When these plans are offered as a Voluntary Benefit, the employee receives competitive group rates and most often receive these benefits guaranteed or simplified issue. This is a win-win situation, a great way to increase your employees' bottom line.

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